Calm Garden

Calm Garden is a space where participants are encouraged to return to themselves, care for and balance their emotions and minds through mindfulness practices, thereby enhancing their quality of life, improving relationships, and enjoying a more peaceful and fulfilling life. 

Calm Garden works with groups that lack access to these mental wellbeing services: disadvantaged students and caregivers, teachers, social workers, healthcare workers and people who are dealing with long-term illness. 

Chánh niệm là sự nhận biết khởi sinh thông qua sự chú tâm, có chủ đích, trong giây phút hiện tại, không phán xét.

How mindfulness helps?

The world we live in is increasingly distracted and stressful. Mindfulness transforms individuals, giving them the tools to meet the challenges of the present moment with wisdom and focus. 

Mindfulness transforms school communities, creating cultures that prioritize awareness and wellness. Mindfulness offers strategies that help educators feel more calm, effective, connected, and resilient. Research shows that mindfulness cultivates skills to manage stress and to build attention, focus, and resilience––empowering educators to feel nourished and energized to create safe, supportive spaces for students in the classroom, at home, and beyond.

Mindfulness-based Social emotional learning in schools. Research has shown that social emotional skills and academic learning are dependent upon one another. That is, these SEL skills provide a foundation for academic learning to take place. They are also skills we all need to be successful in work and in life. Teaching SEL can also create calmer classrooms, which has the added benefit of creating more time for student learning, improving the connections between learners and educators, and increasing the sense of belonging among learners.


Mindfulness-based stress reduction and emotional management classes for students, those with long-term illness and caregivers.
Integrate mindfulness-based socio-emotional learning education in Chum’s philanthropy classes and mentoring programs. We also share our experiences to help interested educators & educational institutions carry out this approach in their community.

Interested in partnering with us?

If your organization is working with students from disadvantaged backgrounds, or you are a medical institution that is providing caring for patients with chronic medical conditions, or a school wishing to bring mindfulness and/or mindfulness-based education social emotional learning (SEL) to your students and teachers and want to cooperate with us, please fill out the form or send email to We are happy to share our experiences and support you in incorporating these into your environment.