The Mentoring Program

We are deeply invested in high quality mentorship. Our specific goals include:

Provide a source of support through relationships with caring and trusted adults.
Improving social and emotional skills (self-awareness, self-management, relationship skills, social awareness and responsible decision making)
Improve study skills: help enhance a foundational set of study skills that serves mentees in the long-term such as reading, writing, presentations, STEM, etc.)

Our Approach

  • Chum works with social organizations that are providing long-term support to disadvantaged children and youth (low-income households, neglected children, children from broken homes, immigrants) in suburban areas of Ho Chi Minh City. Chum's mentoring activity, which lasts at least one year, is a supplementary service for those children.
  • Chum mentors are working professionals from different fields, students with relevant backgrounds who volunteer and contribute their time during weekends or afterschool hours. 
  • Chum recruits and trains necessary skills of working with children for mentors and manages, providing regular support for mentors-mentees; periodically evaluating the relationships between Big Chums and Little Chums (mentees). 
  • Chum designs diverse activities as the substance for the working process between Big and Little Chums. Activities are organized in topics to help children improve their social-emotional (SEL) abilities, STEM and leverage their strengths. Little Chums have the opportunity to practice skills in small and large peer groups with the help of their mentors.
  • More about Social emotional learning (SEL) check out our resources.


Our impacts are assessed by periodic surveys and interviews among mentors and mentees, frequent feedback from partner and mentee’s family, and most important of all, listening to the matches’ everyday stories.


According to the survey of Little Chums after 2 years

Mentees enjoyed joining the mentoring program 93%
Mentees surveyed believe that having mentors is helpful. 100%
Mentees think that mentors help them learn better 56.3%
Mentees think mentors help them learn a little better 37.5%

Many mentees find themselves more confident working with mentors, especially through Chum competitions and campaigns such as 'The book I love' and 'Shine your talents'.

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