Hoai – Huong

Huong is Little Chum to Big Chum Thu Hoai. Mai Huong was a pretty shy and passive girl at first and Thu Hoai had to spend a lot of effort to help her open up and share more with Hoai each day. Gradually, Huong became more familiar with the presence of Hoai and shared more stories about her daily life with school and family. Huong likes drawing and one of the gifts she gave Hoai is the portrait of Hoai to show her absolute trust in her Big Chum. Huong's academic achievement is improving day by day, she turned from a low average student to an average student in her school ranking. Not only did her schooling improve, she turned from a shy girl to a girl with enough courage to stand up in front of a crowd and expertly braid while receiving the praise of many friends. "I'm glad to see the positive progress which continues each day with Huong. I hope she will continue to become more confident day by day and be able to walk proudly even without me next to her," said Hoai. 

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