Artistic endeavours often provide not only the security for children to express themselves but also opportunities for fun and creativity. In a environment which allows freedom of expressions, we believe a seed of happiness has been planted in a child's beautiful soul. Then one day, such seeds will sprout, allowing these children to grow, by their very own power.

On the morning of October 23, 2016, a group of Big and Little Chums had their first activity day, the beginning of a series of artistic experiences which CHUM named ‘The seed of happiness.’ This series of extracurricular activities would help both Big Chums and Little Chums develop a sense of self-awareness, the core of CHUM’s mentoring activities this year. Besides that, this experience also helped both our Big and LIttle Chums understand one another more, become closer, and support each other better based on new understandings. It was a lovely morning, filled with the spirit of sharing and laughters, bringing all Chums closer. We could not wait for the next seeds that CHUM would plant :)

More photos of the exhibition can be found here: #chumbandonghanh #ceporer #youthmentoring tại đây #chumbandonghanh #ceporer #youthmentoring

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