In the afternoon of June 4, CHUM has organized the group activity named "How to face risk?" teach mentees how to recognize risks and dangers that may occur in their lives and guide them to take responsibility or solve these problems. Through the short film "Orphan Diary" by Trung Quang, mentees understood the reasons as well as consequences of two choices: work to earn money or continue to study. Since then, they have come up with solutions to help the character in the film minimize risk.

After that, mentors and mentees attended the competition to recognize different levels of risks in their day-to-day activities. The meaning of this test is to help children have more skills to cope with the risks in their own lives. And finally, mentors and mentees work together to share the risks they have encountered and how to overcome them.

This group activity is a part of the "Self-Awareness" campaign. Through this campaign, mentors will help mentees have a better understanding of themselves, especially in relations with their surrounding life. From there, their self-awareness will be improved and they are going to be a better version of themselves day by day.

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